SGF has received a delegation from Namibia motor vehicle fund for a study visit

 On 27th October 2022, SGF has received the delegation from Namibia motor vehicle fund led by Ms Rosalia Martins Hausiku for a study visit. They discussed the work of SGF, policies meant to prevent accidents and to compensate damages, injury caused by wild animals and road accidents.

Dr Nzabonikuza Joseph, the Director General of Special Guarantee Fund (SGF) has explained in details how SGF started, how it provides support to victims, challenges and the measures taken with the aim to provide best service to  beneficiaries.

Ms Hausiku, the CEO of Namibia motor vehicle fund explained how their institution intervene to support motor vehicle’s accident victims. Within their mission there is no support for wild animal’s victims , but those two public institutions found that they have many similarities and agreed that they should enforce the cooperation with the purpose of learning from each other and experience sharing.