Abakozi ba SGF basuye urwibutso rwa commune rouge banoroza abacitse ku icumu rya jenoside

Kuri uyu wa 26/5/2023, abakozi ba SGF (Ikigega Cyihariye Cy’Ingoboka) basuye urwibutso rwa commune rouge ruherereye mu karere ka Rubavu, banoroza...

SGF yashimiwe uburyo ishyigikira abafite ubumuga

Mu rwego rwo gushyigikira imikino y’abafite ubumuga, kuwa 7/5/2023 SGF yitabiriye imikino isoza amarushanwa ya sitting volley ball itera inkunga....

SGF Yagiranye ikiganiro n’abamwe mubayobozi ba IGCP ,RDB n’abashinzwe ubuhinzi mu mirenge mukurebera hamwe uko barushaho gukomeza gutanga service inoze.

Kwirinda uburiganya, no kumenyekanisha ubwone hakiri kare ku bakozi bashinzwe ubuhinzi (Agronomes) mu mirenge ikoze kuri parike y’ibirunga ni bimwe mu...

Abafatanyabikorwa n’abagenerwabikorwa ba SGF barashima gahunda yo kurushaho kubegera hagamijwe kunoza serivisi

Mu rwego rwo kurushaho kunoza serivisi Ikigega Cyihariye Cy’Ingoboka (SGF)kigeza ku bagenerwabikorwa ndetse n’abafatanyabikorwa bacyo, hashyizweho...

Amarushanwa ya sit ball aterwa inkunga na SGF yasojwe kuri uyu wa 1/4/2023

Kuri uyu wa 1/04/2023, mu cyumba cy’imikino cy’ikigo cy’amashuri cya Lycee de Kigali hasorejwe amarushanwa y’imikino ya sit ball, yari yitabiriwe...

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